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Movie : Maa Babar Shopno
Directed : Reza Latif
Produced : Ashadur Rahman Khan Tipu
Starring : Manna, Apu Biswash, Razzak, Miju Ahmed, Kazi Hayat, Kabila, Rupok, Anna.
Story : Ashadur Rahman Khan Tipu
Music : Imon Shaha
Language : Bengali
Label : Cd Choice

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Comment (46)

  1. অপূ,,ঐই,,চবি,,টায়,,,,সমাজিক,,,,,মাননা,,,বাই,,আমার,,পিয়,,নায়াক,,মাননা

  2. মাননা,,বাই,,,চব,,আমারকাচে,,মজা,,লাগে,,অপূএই,,চবিটা,,পাইন,,,হয়চে


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